Hello guys, welcome back!?😄❤

Hey guys welcome to my blog, sorry I haven’t  been posting but I’ve been going to the beach in FLORIDA and the pool too, and before I can say anything else I want to give a shout out to Brenda Davis Harsham for being there and supporting me in my blogs, thank you so much!.😁 Anyways as I was saying I was busy and doing things, but i’m about to go to school in a few weeks so ya’ll pray for me, and so yeah I guess that’s all I got to say so see ya’ll later gators.✌❤

The Beginning: The Magic Mixles Series #1

As they enter their new school of magic for witche’s, they jump with joy and excitement to learn all they can and have the best year of fun with friends, and what their life journey await for all of them.

It all begins on a nice scorching sunny day of summer vacation and there, walks the most beautiful girl name Marianne. She is beloved by her parents Rachel, and Chris who know that their daughter is always gonna make them proud. As she is walking she meets her mom walking towards her in a rush calling out her name ” Marianne something has gone wrong with your dad he is in the hospital”, and so she runs with tears to her mom and they both sobb with doubt thinking; will he survive or will he not. But, with the little strength she has left she tells her mom, he will be just fine and with a reply she says I hope. As the last tear runs down their faces, Marianne says lets go see him and see how he’s doing, so they both rush in the car to the hospital. As they arrive at the hospital they rush to the room he is in and see him, his complexion, pale and around his eyes dark as if he’s dying, harder then before they both cry. Then, they stop to hear a faint sound of Chris and they rush over to hear him say, “Nora did it”, with anger on Marianne’s face she rushes out the door and to Nora her nemeses, that was supposed to have left this town years ago.

Hey Nora looks like your back, know what did you do to my dad you imbusole, nothing i just slipped a little something from magic school and he lets say he passed out and about to pass away, so yeah. Not funny looks like this place is gonna be dust like you when i’m done so leave f you want to live. You know Marianne I always thought you were the best but know I know i’m better and stronger then ever so it’s best you leave and I stay, NO WAY Nora but looks as if you loose,   . Crash!, ugh, ha ha, that didn’t even hurt, Oh really how about this, it best beats you, HA like it ever will. You know Nora I thought we were friends but what you did 6 years ago was horrible you almost killed everyone there, but I was glad that I was there to help, you see I was a lot stronger than you.



Hello, I am Yesenia a new blogger who has come to tell you a little about life well let us start. To me life is something to care for and not destroy for an example with drugs or some sort of thing like depression, transgender, suicide, gay or lesbianism, or so. But, let me tell you also someone special we all need to praise and worship and all, is god but there’s only one god and no other; So, let me tell you how he helped me.

When I was a little girl my parents were going through hard times with their parents not with them and making the wrong decisions and all sorts of stuff but that doesn’t mean god did it all it was your choice. So, as they grew pain we gained pain as we grew older and my mom tried so hard to make our lives the way she wanted. But we keep telling her it was gonna be ok, but that one look on her face was doubt.

Though many years passed my dad started to believe in god all though my mom already did, and so my dad started too. And we started to get blessed with all these wonderful things, and we became members of this wonderful church; So our story lives on and forever more.

This story or so was made one to two years ago when I was like nine to eleven years old between those ages I was not a great writer but know im tweleve turning thirteen.